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Have been cooking more than two thirds of my life. Now, for some time already, I started blogging about my most favourit dishes, recipes and food styles. On my blog you will find anything that seems to me to be delicious enough and worth to be mentioned, from "A"sian citchen to "Z"ests of lemon... visit to find out more.

Hähnchenbrust mit Sesam-Kokos-Soße / Chicken breast with sesame-coconut sauce

Diese leckere Mischung aus Huhn, Mie-Nudeln und Sesam-Kokos-Soße ist so eine Art von fusion-food zwischen Thailändischem Currygericht und Indonesischem Bahmi Goreng. Tahine, Bai horapa (Thai-Basilikum) und Koriander kommen darin zum Einsatz. ♦ This tasty mix of chicken, mie-noodles and sesame-cocos sauce is a kind of fusion food between Thai […]

About getting inspired / Über Inspiration

Chris Galvin Nguyen is a Canadian writer, editor and photographer with one foot in Canada and the other in Viet Nam. She awarded the ‚Very Inspiring Blogger Award‘ to me. I feel honored and grateful and gladly reply to this nomination. ♦ Chris Galvin Nguyen, Kanadische Autorin, Editorin und […]

One lovely blog award

Surprise, surprise…: Juliane vom Foodblog „Frau Jot kocht“ hat mich überraschend und erfreulicherweise für den „One lovely blog award“ nominiert. ♦ Surprise, surprise…: I got nominated completely unforeseen and unpredictable by Juliane of the Foodblog „Frau Jot kocht“ for the nice „One lovely blog award“. 

Farfalle tricolor

Pasta macht Laune, und bunte Pasta schon gleich sowieso. Dreifarbige Farfalle, mit Tomaten-Schinken Sauce und Pecorino. ♦ Pasta is fun, nicely colored one even more. Three-colored Farfalle with a sauce of tomato and cooked ham with Pecorino cheese.